About Jaiy

Who is Jaiy Bradie

At the age of 13 I knew one thing for sure, I wanted two of each dog breed. I wanted to be a dog breeder and if I have at least 10 breeds I could make 200k a year. As I got older that motto quickly faded along with the dreams of making six figures a year. In 1997 at the age of 16 my uncle gifted me two Dobermans, that’s when I began to understand that breeding wasn’t going to be as simple as I thought.  I didn’t understand that it took money to make money so I had to save. That put breeding dogs on hold.
Over the next 8 years I would go thru countless jobs and I just felt like I was just working to be working because my heart was still set on being a breeder.  I would go on to become a OTR truck driver; giving breeding one last try.  I would attempt to breed dogs on my truck and still make it to my deliveries on time… & well let’s just say that didn’t work out which lead to me being fired.  In 2008 I said to pack it up and take my talents from Chicago to Atlanta. I started researching Pit Bulls more and more & came across Pit Falls Kennels but I still wasn’t able to afford that caliber of dogs.  I ended up finding 2 pits bulls 1 on kijii and one from a local sign in the neighborhood I lived in and they produced me 10 puppies. Well as the week went on and spending money was depleting my savings account, I only had $600 to my name bout time the pups turned 8 weeks old. So after spending $125 on shots I just remember thinking like if somebody come up to me with any amount over a $100 bucks wanting one of these pups I’m taking it. “Not having enough money for any type of online marketing or local newspapers I remember feeling like we goto Walmart parkings lots or malls or where ever and we got to be seen cause we need the money. So that following Saturday we packed the pups up and went to a park near Perimeter Mall in Atlanta GA. Thinking to myself and being in a doubtful state of how am I about to take care of my family with no money and thinking nobody would want my dogs, the puppies were running around & this couple walks up to me and ask how much my dogs were, this was my first pitbull litter and I remembered when I called Pit Fall Kennels they told me they dogs start at $1,500 so I said $1,500 with out hesitating and the lady says ok we will be right back. I didn’t think they would come back with $1,500 for my pups but, a hour later the lady and her boyfriend were walking towards me and my girl and I’m thinking OMG this is about to really go down. So they walk up pick out their pup pay me & I give them their registration papers and this was my first $1,500 made on a puppy. (youtube video link to that sale) I was so happy for one I wasn’t going to get evicted and for two this sell had just given me this incredible feeling. Then the very next day I took $500 and put it on marketing.  48 hours later I got a call from a lady name Tina from Los Angeles, CA who wanted one of the pups and flew in the day after & I sold him to her for $2,500.  (youtube video link to that sell)
It was then I knew that this was it this was my calling.
Watching myself go from making 30k a year to over a half a million a year constantly is something that was a lot of hard work but yet humbling because, when I look at other breeders who are where I was it takes me back for a second. I’ve tried to help many but everyone wasn’t ready for my help. If you truly want to learn how to be successful and learn the business side of breeding to position your kennel to make more money then you need to attend this Seminar July 6, 2019.
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