Do you wanna be a professional breeder but don’t know where to start? Or are u already breeding but cant seem to figure out how to consistently make your Kennel profit?

The person behind the Kennel who owns the most expensive English Bulldog in the breeding world “Klauz” is ready “To Tell All” On how he continues to dominate making $20,000 stud fee’s monthly & puppy sells that easily reach $20,000-$60,000 each litter continuously.

How did a minority from the mean streets of Chicago make it out with no college degree and figure out how to perfect his passion with no college degree & jump to the top of breeding world?

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This will be a an Exciting Day that u wont forget. Not only informative & knowledgeable but you will also hear from Real Customers who spend lots of money with Bradie and why they continue to do it. You will learn the secrets of how Jaiy only spent $2,700 in 2015 to make $470,000 in 2016, you will also learn how to perform your own market analysis to capitalize with your social media and earn daily revenue.

The mistake that so many of us make with our businesses and in life is not being patient to learn the proper steps before jumping out & putting ourselves and businesses in compromising situations that almost always result in failure. Let Bradie guide you and give you the understanding needed to succeed in your brand building business.

Before any destination in life is reached you must 1st plan out your route, your breeding route begins with a 4 step plan that will make any business succeed. This is not a event where Bradie talks &you listen and leave feeling empty. You will leave feeling full & not just because the catered food but because of how deep this information gets & if applied correctly, will start to change your life immediately. This an event that expands more than jus one day. You will receive specific instructions and steps and after each level is completed u will report back to Bradie thru email or phone corespondents to be guided to the next steps. Bradie learned in life to keep being successful at what he love he needs to help people reach their goals so let him help You. Register Now and together let’s take charge of your financial future.

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